About Abby

Hi, I'm Abby and welcome to my blog!

  I am a wife to my best friend and a Mama to three girls living on 10 acres here in the windy Wyoming prairie. I'm living my life first to see God's glory in all that I do and secondly for My Beloved and my three daughters. I consider myself blessed to stay home and raise my children and I look at it as my mission field for the present. It is not always easy or glorious but I know that I am serving Gods purpose for my life right now.

  I am an adoring student of photography and have been since high school. From the start of having my own babies my love for photography has grown and I use this blog to practice my hobby and document our lives.

I am not a perfect wife, mama, or photography student, nor do I want to portray that here. The journey of parenthood is challenging to say the least, but for every hard turn in the road there is a multitude of joys walking it and watching it thru my girls. My camera has become a way to preserve this time in their lives. This time that is so busy and fleeting. They will always be turning a year older, growing taller and walking further into their own life journey. This is my moment, my place and my time to savor them as they are. I hope you enjoy the photos and stories of my daily life as a stay-at-home mama, (a.k.a. decorator, cook, maid, bum wiper, bill payer, chicken caretaker and solver of all the worlds problems.)  This blog is my playground, my happy place, come and sit down for a chat. Enjoy!
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