Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Painting and Antelope Invasion

Isn't this just what we need in the a.m. a chubby, smiling and oh so sweet  baby reminding you; in case you forgot during the night, what day it is. This was by pure accident. I just happened to dress Lillie in this onesie last night after her bath. I mean come on, I am the mother of 3 children and I like to be organized but this is just over the top. My mind must be working on overload and I don't even know it. Anyways, I can at least feel put together today and if I forget the day of the week, just peel those Jammies open and look on my babies chest to see. Yes, overload, sweet overload!

I signed the girls up for a painting class at our local art center and we had a fun time "learning" how to paint. 

The girls enjoyed the class and we all learned how to paint shadows and fruit. I always wondered why fruit, what is the obsession with painting it? Don't get me wrong it is good to eat, but paint? Why? Is it because Eve ate it and now we are to paint that which was the end of utopia and the curse of pain in child birth and weeds. That is how my weird mind works, sorry artists out there everywhere, maybe you could fill me in on the whole fruit thing.

 Back to the story, Hallie knew all of her primary colors and shouted out "blue, red and yellow," when the teacher asked who knew what the primary colors were. Now, this class is for 6-8 year olds, and my 5 year old is yelling out what the colors were and than what you mix to make purple, orange and green. We were put right in the middle of the circle of easels; they ran out by the time we made it there, another story for another day. So, here I was sitting amongst a sea of kids with my 3 little girls and a baby stroller. I had all the parents on the outside of the circle watching me as I, the picture happy lady with two too many children and her loud mouth little blond girl yell out colors and not giving their kids a chance. It was a bit awkward, but I was so proud of my big girl who has a personality to match her mouth. She is a mini-me, a first born child through and through. Well, I can't take the credit for all of it, my sister-in-law, Cori, is an art teacher.  And being an art teacher, you drill young children to know what their primary colors are at every family function. So, thank you to Auntie Cori and all your color drilling for making me a proud mama.

If you ever wondered why I named this blog "Little Mama on the Prairie," here is why. Because these dumb beasts roam free right out the back door. Yes, just like the song, "Where the Deer and Antelope Roam." I have decided to change the lyrics to "Where the Chickens and Antelope Roam." Here is why....

Do you see my chicken coop and the one lone chicken out there....This is out my back door by the way.
And than "the girls," as we refer to them, were just pecking along while this thing looks at me. Now, I know some guys would just die to see this out their back door and yes if you would like to bow hunt one for a fee, I'll let ya. But they truly invade. They are stupid and destroy peoples yards, and trees and run into cars, yes into cars. As I experienced while driving my church's van last fall. Antelope are not smart, they are a nuisance and they do run into the sides of vehicles at extremely fast paces. Invasion I say, invasion! 



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