Friday, October 29, 2010

Thankful for my lil' "punkins"

I wanted to post a couple of the craft projects we have worked on this week.......
 We haven't got Lillie's pumpkin done yet, and no we wont use this fake one....(: Just put it in there for filler.

We all worked on this fall mobile and Hallie wrote every one of our extended family members on the leaves, pumpkins and turkeys...There are a lot of  with Daddy written on them so I'm assuming she is most thankful for him, as am I.
 Sophie told Aunt Heather that the pumpkin earrings she was wearing were fat like her pumpkin...Oh that silly little girl. She painted the eyes and nose all by herself.

 Hallie picked this pumpkin and you can see why, it is the tallest just like her and she said the smile was like hers, missing teeth. (:

 Eeeewwwww what is this thingy.....

Hallie was pitching a fit right about now because Lillie was going to ruin the leaves. Well she did a little, but it was so cute.

Enjoy your weekend. We have a full schedule of events that includes candy, friends, an elephant, Snow White, and a Sleeping Beauty. Blessings!

~Prairie Mama


paula johannsen said...

how fun abbs!!!!! we tried to do the wax paper stained glass with leaves...didnt work out so well....but i still hung them in the window and they look pretty.... but i had to tape around all the edges so the leaves wouldnt fall out lol...the girls are growing up soooo fast! waht little beauties!~ paula

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