Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Are you an American?

So since this is an election day and I did go vote.....there is still time people!   Thought I would share a little something that Hallie said to me the other day. You see in Kindergarten she has been learning about the local and federal government and its leaders. What a Mayor is, what the President is and so on. Also, she has learned that she is an American. She has told me all sorts of things, on our drive home from school. Here is a couple of the questions she asked.

Hallie- Mom, did you know there are 50 states?
Me- Yes

Hallie- Mom, did you know the President lives in a white house?
Me- Yes I do Hallie, he lives in a white house but the name is "The White House."

Hallie- Mom did you know I'm an American?

Me- Yes, we are all Americans?

Hallie- Is Daddy an American?

Me- (Laughing hysterically) Well I sure hope so!

So for all of you who still have the privilege and freedom to vote. Be an American....Get out there and make this Mama proud!

I voted for Your future,

~Prairie Mama


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