Friday, August 20, 2010

Lazy Summer Days...

I can't wait for mornings because they begin with this........
Mmmmmm.......Need I say more.

We have been enjoying the last few days of summer and squeezing the juice out of every last day. I'm really quite emotional these past couple of weeks. I don't know if I can blame it on residual hormones from having a baby 4 1/2 months ago or that my oldest is starting kindergarten and leaving me forever! OK, so I'm not sending her to boarding school, but she is going to be gone away from me all day long.

 I'm sad that she wont be with me anymore all day, every day. She has been my companion for 5 years and always, always the mature one in the relationship. She is 5 going on 50 and has a concern for others and everything that goes on around here. In fact the world falls apart if there is a mess or she can't brush her teeth in the proper order which according to her is this:

Wake up

Eat Breakfast

Brush Teeth

Get Dressed

Do our Hair

And if we deviate from that plan at all, my Hallie falls apart and the world comes to an end as we know it. The only little girl that I know that watches me back out of anywhere and informs me to not hit that car, that person, or that post. She is my backseat driver, I'm mean come on, if she was a male I would understand but a 5 year old little girl with blond braids.  OK, she may have a reason to be concerned.  I will miss her. So here is a little snip of what we did yesterday and as you will notice from this picture

We were not allowed to play with any memory cards that had Cinderella on them. As "these are special and I don't want them mixed up with all the other's."  Maybe school will be good for her.
We had fun playing memory and as we were playing I notice my 3 year old and her outfit of choice.
Yes, inside out and mismatched is something that she rocks often, and yes, she is good at it.

Even Lillie made a match......hmmmmmm...per Sophie. Wow, she is good, 4 1/2 months old and already a Memory Game champion. Maybe we can make money  off of her.(: 
Well even though my big girl has to go to school and my middle girl is still rocking the 3 year old I can dress my self and with attitude. My baby will be home with me for a little longer and oh how I will treasure this time.....
Hope you all have a lovely weekend, one of the last before school starts......Enjoy those babies for a couple more weeks.
Prairie Mama


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