Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Testing 1...2...3, Testing?

This is my trial run on posting a Blog. After devoutly following a couple of blogs and with my BFF's encouragement ( my hubby Peter that is) I have started the unthinkable......a blog.  I want something to be able to document my children's lives and practice my writing and photography, bear with me people, and to write down all those silly things my girls say throughout the day. The little things that I just can't remember by the time I'm ready to hit the sack.

 I have thought quite a bit about how I want to document them, and this just fits my life. I'm not someone who likes to scrapbook, for one it's messy and if you know me at all I hate mess. I'm not great at keeping a journal because where I am in my life someone under the age of 5 will either write in it, puke in it or spill on it. Keeping up on baby books is another one of the "guilts" I live under as a mother, are you with me? I'm still working on that and I will; guilt and all, have each  baby book done by the time they go to college.

 Oh they are sweet, those memories of little ones. I'm passionate about remembering them as they are, because as you know they will never be this little again.  So in an ode to my girls, I start this journey of writing and documenting our life, their life, here on this windy prairie.


diazoo said...

This is going to be such a great adventure! Good luck. I'll enjoy following your fun family :-)

Grammie said...

That is so sweet - I can't wait until next year when Lillie is right out there "in the field" with them : ) Love to all of you!

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