Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pictures from last week

 I have been bad about blogging this week. I'm putting all blame on my acres of deck that I've been staining for what seems like eons. Well maybe not eons, but a long time. It has been worked on every weekend and a few week days since Labor Day weekend. It is coming along, but I still have so much to do. I will post pictures of the after when I'm done but here is a before....

See what I mean...acres of deck. It will be beautiful when it is done...can't wait for that to happen. but when you are breast-feeding a baby and have a 3 year old you can't expect as much. At least I keep telling myself that. While staining the deck last weekend we found Sophie giving Lillie a "drink" of her water. Now that entailed a Tupperware cup, a wet baby laying on her back and a three year old. Scary, very scary. Needless to say I hired a babysitter for the next 2 days and I still didn't get the deck done. Between school, feedings, nap times and rain it didn't work out like I had planned. However, it will be done in time.

On a happier note look who is starting to sit up......

Aw look at her, my big girl already. Wasn't she just born? 5 1/2 months can go by so fast.

I'm still working on "Finding my Joy." This week was all of our favorite things. Well here is a few that I shot...

 This is one of my favorites. This girl can do anything in dress shoes or heels. She really can. Here she is on her trike with black dress shoes. Oh, I will always remember this girl and her shoes. At least they were matching, that is something that happens often. We get out of the car at the grocery store and Sophie will have two different shoes on. Silly girl!
We have a busy week planned with "Meet me at the Pole" tomorrow morning, a city-wide Post Poll Party tomorrow night and a hopefully uneventful weekend. So from me to you. Blessings!


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