Friday, October 8, 2010

6 months

So it happened. She turned half a year. Where did the time go........She has accomplished much in her short life. Here is her rap sheet:
Sitting up
 Eating solids
Waves bye, bye
Says "Hi"
Dances in a jumper like she owns "Lord of the Dance"
Sleeps all night (10 Hours straight)
She is the sweetest thing. I was thinking that we should have named her "Mercy." Following her sister Sophie's extremely difficult first year, she is God's Mercy shown to me. We were "never" having another baby after our Sophie and well, God had a different plan and that plan included our Lillie, and what a joy Lillie has been. She has helped heal parts of this mamas' heart that I thought had died and shriveled up. Like the parts that avoided babies, ran from them, did not want to hold one, look at one, touch one. Maybe weird for some of you to hear, but I'm being real. There is a lot of reasons that I could attribute to despising babies but it would be its own post for another day. However, no longer, I love them and I love her. She is the missing piece of my heart and it is now complete a whole 6 months later.

On another note we watched this baby last week and look who gave her a bottle. My little mama in the making. Sophie was born to feed a baby a bottle. In fact I've rescued a few mamas' from Sophie trying to stuff a bottle in their babies mouths. So for Sophie this was a dream come true.

"Wanna fight?"

After being sick all week and that included an ear infection for me, my house looked liked this.....

A war zone....and this is the only part I could fit in the frame. Scary, very scary.

Since I was off balance and dizzy from the ear infection it was a really good excuse to make a bunch of headbands for a couple of new baby girls that we know.

My lovely model showed them off......

And my other lovely models, who were saying something like "fuzzy pickles," when I took this one....

Still working on that dresser I talked about last week. Hoping to finish it this weekend and get the before and afters up. All I have to say is, bedroom re-due is up my sleeve.  Have a blessed weekend.
~Prairie Mama


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