Tuesday, September 28, 2010

3 year olds.....

Thought I would share this, if it grosses you out, you must not have kids.

And for the record......

 I'm sorry.....and you can move onto another site now.

This weekend we were playing outside, and Sophie had switched her shoes to rubber boots. Peter asked her "why," and she replied "I need to go potty." Well, not thinking in literal 3 year old terms, he let her switch and somehow while on his watch she managed to "potty" in our front driveway. The "Boots" were ingenious in my opinion because are you ready ladies......she didn't get her feet wet. Wow, that 3 year old is way ahead of me in terms of staying dry. I never thought about putting on my rubber boots to go out and pee. Now that will be the first thing that I pack when we go to the "Boonies." OK, OK you can ask my husband I DO NOT go to the boonies. But it does cause me to question all the times I have found her in these when she is outside playing. 

Ingenious nonetheless.

And how did I find out about it, the front driveway is now a Porta-potty thing?

This girl told me...

 My responsible 5 year old.  Hmmmm, do we have any idea what these kids do while we are not watching.

Nope! They will be true prairie kids.


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