Friday, October 22, 2010


These are a few of the 199 shots I took of my nephews and my girls.....They make me smile. No picture is ever perfect.....just like our life. It may appear perfect to others but our lives are a little messed up and that's OK. So these are a true look into our kids and I can parallel my life to these photos, sometimes we cry, laugh, don't stay focused but Jesus still loves me and He sees the beauty within. These pictures are beautiful to me because I know each little soul that is staring back at me and each one has a unique personality. So in no order here are my favorites. Thank you to my not-so-willing subjects, including the sweetest nephews ever, Jory and RyLee, and the girls..... 

Jory and Lillie....Jory is what Kelle Hampton at Enjoying the Small Things, calls a "designer kitten."


Love this one. So sweet and Lillie is fed up.

Someone had a first bottle this week. A little something special for this mama. That is "Mimi" feeding her.

Have a blessed weekend.....

~Prairie Mama


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