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As I said yesterday Hallie shared her 6th birthday with Thanksgiving this year. Actually, she was born on Thanksgiving, and thanks to her my whole family missed dinner that year and the poor girl will probably never live it down. But she is why we were most thankful that year and every year when we look at this holiday and expect our girl to turn another year older. We often tease her that she is our *Little Turkey.*

I decided to have just a family birthday this year and so I threw out the idea of invites, kids, large plans and opted for pizza, cupcakes and a large extended family of aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. I've been dealing with some self induced guilt over this. Now for the record Hallie has never uttered a word about not having her friends from school or that the only kids at her party were her younger cousin's and sisters, however, I keep thinking that I have stole something from her. Not because she missed a big to-do, or that she ended up with fewer presents (can I hear and Amen!) but that she might think that we didn't make it special for her. That she is second best...... to a holiday of all things. I'm speaking from the
heart here.

We have experienced some disappointment in the past with her because her birthday is over a holiday and everyone is out of town and usually has really good excuses as to why they can't come. So I guess in order to protect her from that I decided not to do a big party. The awesome thing is she has a very loving extended family that braved below zero temps, snow storms, and other commitments to come and celebrate her big day. Not to mention she had just about every aunt and uncle, every single one of her cousins and 2 sets of grandparents that showed up. As a girl that only ever had a family birthday party and they were all memorable, I should say she is well on her way to a wealth of treasured memories. Looking back to that it was special, and I know her smile said it. After looking at all her pictures I have decided to throw the guilt out and say; Hallie you had a darn good "SHIN-DIG." 

This face is the same one she made as a baby...I love that wrinkled little nose

Singing Happy Birthday

Blowing out the candles

Her Cinderella cupcake

Mouth full of pizza
Cinderella themed cupcakes.
Lovingly made by Aunt Cori

Sophie is always ready for a party 

My dear Hallie ~

Friends will come and go, some you will never remember, but a family is here for you always and forever. They are the ones who hold you up, hold you accountable, and just plain hold you when you need it. I love you dear little girl, my "Little Turkey." I look forward to your 6th year to be one that is carved on my heart. You and I share so much in common; your passionate, loving, caring and protective to a fault. I love that about you. Thank you for making me a mama, you share my heart. I love you!


Ava Rose Hallie's first cousin on the Angelos' side

Hallie loves Cinderella

Daddy reading her a birthday card

Jory my nephew

Pinata time!

Jory finally has an excuse to hit something

Who dressed this sweet baby up as a ninja? Is that a sword?

More about this later in the week!

Love to all,
~ Prairie Mama


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