Wednesday, December 1, 2010

8 Months

 Today Lillie is 8 months old. Oh how the time has gone fast.

 My mom used to tell my siblings and I that she wanted to give us a shot so we would stay little. I used to think this was a horrible thing as I hated shots, and thought "why would my own mother want me in pain."

However, now as I'm a mama I understand what she ment. The pain of one little shot would fill the pain in my heart as I watch her grow right before my eyes. I could give this little, squeezable baby a shot to stay little any day. No matter the price........

Do you see her hair. It does this all by itself. It is not static, it just sticks up. Auntie Heather thinks she must have some Cockatiel in her genes somewhere. No matter what you plaster in her fine baby tufts, they defy all gravity and stand at attention. I love that about her...fine baby tufts. *sigh*

Lillie was dedicated while all the family was here last week....Here are Grammy, Poppo and the girls.

 I love this picture.......Grammy and Lillie Cate.

Tiny baby shoes and ruffly socks.

Dedication prayer, with Poppy, Meme.

 Look at this baby smile. Looks a lot like her daddy's to me.

 Happy 1st of December.


~ Prairie Mama 


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