Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Baking

I have been *squeezing* the life out of the last week with everything in me. We have enjoyed lazy pajama days watching all of our favorite Christmas movies. Baking, creating, meandering and...OK, breaking up the occasional fight. Hey, I'm just keeping it real. Remember I live with three children under the age of 6.
Other than typical sibling scrimmages, it has been amazing. In fact I told my Hunny the other night that this is my best Christmas ever. We were sitting on the couch, with toys everywhere and kids playing on the floor and I just had a moment. I realized we have taken this Christmas so slow and enjoyed it. Like sipped it through a straw enjoyed it. I don't remember a Christmas that we have been able to truly enjoy the season. We are always so busy that we just don't take the time. This one we have, and I am thankful.

We made cookies the other day....


Mmmmm....butter. Look at her face, she is this Mama's daughter.

And I had to show you the aftermath..........

They were very good, and they're gone. Again, keeping it real here.

I have used this recipe for my sugar cookies numerous times and I have yet to have a failed batch. If you have little ones who like to roll, re-roll and repeat. This is the dough for you. It never gets stiff and even if it's warm it rolls well. Oh, and they are so good dunked in coffee.

 Mmmmmmm...Coffee. I need some more, so signing off to go relax with my kiddo's.

Blessings and Peace to you,

~Prairie Mama


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