Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cold Outside, Colds' Inside....

My hunny plowing the driveway. Thanks Babe!

We have had "very" cold weather as I blogged about last week. Because of the cold (right now it is -11, yes that is a negative) and snow storm we ended up cancelling the horse and sleigh trip. Cancel is not the right word, postpone is better. So hopefully within the next couple of weekends I will have pictures as promised.

This was a blessing in disguise as my two little ones and the biggest one (daddy)  here in the household are still fighting colds. I ended up in the Doctor's office with a lethargic, feverish baby yesterday that couldn't even cry when they drew her blood. Very scary! Anyways, after ruling out RSV and Influenza A, it was decided it is a double ear infection and as of last night she is much better. Praise God! Prayer is all I can say to that. If you could have seen this little girl in the Doctors office yesterday you would not have thought she was able to come home. I had my Dr. and 3 different nurses hanging out in the room with me for results, and they looked more afraid for me than I was. A miracle that was.
She still has an appetite!
We stayed inside this weekend and baked some yummy goodness with this thing..

I'm sure this was not safe for her eyes, but I had to look also. I had to know how this thing worked. I have never had one. Very fun indeed. Thank you to Mimi for the Christmas gift.

Sophie calls it, " Howie's Kitchen." that is Hallie's Kitchen, if you don't speak Sophie.


These didn't look very appetizing but the girls sucked them down.

Waiting for them to cool was the hardest part.

If we do venture outside we all look like Nanook of the North. I find myself that crazy mama, you know the one you hear on isle 11 in the grocery store....

"Where are your gloves? Where is your hat? If you don't zip that coat, I'm gonna....?"

Yes, I'm that mom! Because I guess they really don't believe me that their fingers and ears and outer extremities can freeze like popsicles and break off.  OK, so maybe that won't happen but don't tell them that.

We will be doctoring colds again today and braving the cold outside. I'm having to check for eggs about 3 times a day otherwise I have frozen split eggs. I don't know if those would taste quite right. (: Thank goodness that man in the first picture, plowed me a road and a turn around spot back to the chicken coop so I could drive there instead of walk.

I'm sure my great-grandmother would be horrified at the thought that I actually drive the 150 feet back to the coop...... Or she would proud and have done the same thing being a mama herself of twins. Hey ,if their buckled into car seats they can't tear the house apart while your gone. (:

Have a *warm* and blessed day!


The Mac's House said...

Those are some great memories you're making there. The easy bake oven really takes me back to my childhood too. I love Old Navy kiddo hats don't you?

Now that chair is something I haven't seen before. We have one that attaches to the table but I've not seen them with a tray and what appears that you're able to turn the childs seat????

Prayers that everyone will be on the mend in your household very soon. I know what you mean about them being sick so fast. The little 2.5 year old here at the house was sick one night, spiked a fever out of nowhere from a simple cold (so we thought) then started in with seizures by the time the ambulance was taking her to the hospital. Talk about scared! After another transport to a childrens hospital we are all finally healthy in the house including her. This was all the week of Christmas.

Melissa said...

Abby, it's so nice to meet you! Your for sure a kindred heart! Hoping you all get through this cold stuff, and mano man is it ever cold there! Brrrr, just thinking of it! Oh and we totally speak Sophie here in these parts!

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