Thursday, January 6, 2011

Brrr.....Baby It's Cold Outside

 January has arrived like an unwanted house guest. You know you've had one. The one that the second they walk in the door your eye starts twitching......
 I'm just being real here, we all have them and we still love them. 

Well, that is how I feel about the month of January. You know it's coming, you talk about it with the neighbors and friends, you plan travel around it. You make sure all of your kids winter gear is ready.....
  • 1 pair of winter boots, check!
  •  4 pairs of gloves, check!
  •  2 sets of snow pants, check!
  •  3 hats, check! 
  •  2 scarves, check!
Oh, and that is for EACH child by the way.  

You hunker down and wait...... for extreme cold and wind. When I say wind, I mean the kind that can keep you awake all night because it is rattling the soffit outside your bedroom window kind of wind. The kind that can be hurricane force. 

Ya, and we choose to live here?
Yes, I know, I ask myself this same question every winter.....Why? 

 December comes in gradually in a soft white, and than Christmas comes in a dirty blanket of brown because of those high 30 degree teaser days melted your dreams of a white Christmas. Never mind the fact you had a white thanksgiving, but a brown Christmas? Oh.....the irony!

So January entered at a breezy -40 below zero. We stayed inside. Well I did, the girls tried to go out and play but came back in very quickly, so quickly I didn't get a picture. Sorry!

These girls haven't even breached daylight in a week. Oh, by the girls I mean the kind with feathers..... They do not like the WIND. So they stay inside the coop and wait for food. In fact, I rescued "Twisted-Beak" from a large snow drift yesterday. Twisted-Beak is this girl.....

Hello, Twisted-Beak!

Her beak is a genetic deformity, and so hence the name. We also call her "Frick-a-Beak," which was dubbed by my at that time 2 year old who could not pronounce her name correctly. So it came out as "Frick-a-Beak." She is the sweetest, ugliest chicken you will ever meet. We *love* her. Oh, and I gave you her good side. (:

Here is another one of "The Girls"

We have been nursing some sick little girlie's round these parts.....

These two have developed a cough and a fever the last couple of days....lovely! Pray for me will you? Colds, fevers, and snot suckers are not my cup of tea. Poor babies. You know your little one is sick when you find her like this....

Snuggled up on the floor with her baby. She usually is not still, so a rare occurrence around here.

It is supposed to snow again over the next few days and we are planning to go on a horse drawn sleigh this weekend. I'm so excited. My cousin has two very large black Percheron horses, and a sleigh.... with bells! Ooooo *girly squeal* I'm excited! 

Pictures to come of that.....praying my girls will be better.



Karena said...

Abby we have snow coming into Kansas City & it is freezing!! LOve your site.

I have a surprise coming up Sunday Night!

Art by Karena

Melissa said...

Just stopping by from Coffee Shop, you've chosen a beautiful make-over! And your girls are precious, even your feathered little ones! Happy New Year, enjoy your snow!

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