Monday, January 17, 2011

How To Build A House

The girls have been discussing the process of building a house over the last week.
 They have brought to my attention that everyone has to build the house they are going to live in. You do not buy houses you build them, or so I have been told by a 6 and 4 year old. Now, you have to understand that they have lived a large chunk of their lives on a construction site while we built our home. We started to build the summer of 2008 when they were ages 3 and 1. We did everything out here for a full year, including potty training. Believe me when I tell you there is no better way to potty train than in extreme cold, if you know what I mean. They learned very quick that an accident in below zero weather is one you do not want to repeat.

While driving to school last week Hallie and Sophie were talking about the typical mantra of "when I grow up." Hallie says, she is going to get married and build a house......

 OK, I can handle that, even if she is only 6. Having a goal is good, right?

 Sophie tells us that she does not want to build a house, but she will live with Mama and Daddy when she is big and cook for us...oh...and sleep upstairs, because I guess that is where the grown-ups sleep.

 I asked her why she didn't want to build a house and she replies, "because I don't have
any house pieces."

 Huh, I never thought about it that way-houses come in pieces and you put them together.

 I guess when you are four, and you watch your daddy and sister put one of these together...

You justify that houses come in pieces.

For the record Auntie Heather, this was just as long and tedious as building a "real" house. 

"Hey dad your finally getting somewhere."


They are waiting ever so patiently for the house to be done.

I know the me.

 Oops, tired of waiting, they decided to sneak a nap out on the lawn.
Here is where Hallie realizes this is just too hard and I don't think we will ever be able to finish......
Again, I know the feeling and I think I just had a panic attack....If you have ever built a house you get it, right?
OK, now it looks like a house. Here is where my ever so manly Hunny says, "I'm done. I'll leave the landscaping and decor up to you ladies."
That sounds all too familiar.
This is the last photo taken before it snowed.

To my Hunny's credit we do have steps up to the front door now and they are marvelous. He is awesome for building this house, and poking fun about never finishing a house is our comic relief. We are weird, and we like eachother that way.

Have a blessed Monday!



Sarah said...

Hi Abby! Thank you for your kind comment! I found that kitchen cabinet towel bar at Bed Bath and Beyond. It was around $7.99 if I remember right. Have a great week!

V. Furnas said...

Oh my I was upset by the pile of legos the idea of having to turn it into a house...completely overwhelming. I put in a screen door and decided that was the peak of my handiness.

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