Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why would you name that...?

For Christmas I was given a gift that has been received as a new member to our family. A family of sometimes to many a "She."

Let me introduce "she" as.........   

But........I can't properly introduce her until we give her a name.

 "She" needs a name, can you help me please?

Yes, you heard me, I'm going to ask you to help me name my enameled cast iron pot.

I have forwarned you plenty of times that I'm weird.

 If you have never used one of these to cook in, you are missing out on the most glorious flavor that enameled cast iron will add to your dishes. And properly cared for, one will last a couple of lifetimes. Just ask your great-grandmother.

 "She," my beautiful girl, is used almost every day of the week, "she" is bathed, buffed and is lovingly tucked in on top of the stove every night. "She" deserves to be dubbed.  "She" is the perfect shape of oval, the perfect shade of green and makes the perfect pot of soup. In short "she" feeds us, helps to nourish us, and I'm about to rise up and called her blessed if you know where I'm taking this.

I figure her name needs to be something firey, but lovely, and maybe just a little bit prairie.

 So will you send some suggestions my way?  Until then "she" will remain without an identity and will be endearingly referred to as......."she."

Happy name hunting everyone.



Melissa said...

"she" could be "Lucy!"
I love it, fiery and lovely I do believe!

Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

This IS a funny post. I'm terrible at thinking up names,but I've never had one of these types of pots. You make me want ot go looking for one.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving that sweet comment.

The Pennington Point said...

Well I'll be! That is the most gorgeous pot I have ever seen. I have a chicken (a real, egg laying chicken) that I call Hilary. She is funny and quirky and follows me around when I am outside. So if I had a beautiful pot like that I would call it Hilary. LOL! Lisa~

G Rae said...

Miss Eliza. Full of surprises, but always one to count on.

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