Friday, February 18, 2011

How To Survive Parenthood.....

OK, so I don't exactly know how to survive parenthood. I mean it is a balancing act that we as parents cannot manage on our own.  I, in my imperfection, fail to raise my imperfect children daily and I will continue to do so. However, I am grateful that God can and does intervene on my behalf as an imperfect parent.  Sometimes we get an "A" in parenthood 101 and other times it is a big fat "F." But I do have a few tequniques that help me through the bad days. 

The longer I walk in this role as "The Mama," the more I realize motherhood and parenthood is very hard. Like on a particular crazy day I will ask myself a few questions, 

Why do I have to make the rules?

Can someone else please step in and take over?

I don't know if I can answer another redudant question?

How do people do this without an instruction manual?

And as my parents keep telling me, "It only gets more challenging." So for my husband and I we have to rely on our life-manual which is The Word of God to teach us how to parent with grace and mercy, and second we look to our own parents for inspiration and guidance. Here is where is gets hard......there are many times where there is neither a black and white biblical answer or a guide that you remember from your own childhood.

 So what are you to do? Wing it? Lock yourself in a closet? Run into a field and scream? Yes, I have thought about all of those things. Hoever trying to always be the example to my girls I do the following:

1. Pray....a lot.....without get my drift.

2. Snuggle...... a spouse.....a child, or a baby. They need it....and so do you. 

3. Laugh......This may have to happen behind a closed and *locked* door so little ears and eyes cannot hear or see.....but laugh.... kids are so darn funny. At times this will be your only relief.

Go Go My Walkin' Pup has a pacifier(really a baby spoon) & resembles Rambo.
Perfect example is this......Peter and I had to make it through bedtime prayers with this lovely creature starring at us. I left the room to laugh leaving Peter to be cool, together and stoic.

Sorry Babe!

4. Consume Coffee.....lots and lots of coffee......

Coffee scoop reads "Instant Human......Just Add.....

 Mmmmm...... java....

Last but not least......

5. Chocolate.....and the combination of number four and five is.... next to heaven....

 Can I get an Amen?

This is my quick five point how-to-guide on how I survive parenting on a bad day....I'm sure when my house of all girls get older, my list will get longer and more complex, and.......involve lots of anti-wrinkle cream and spa days and.......

Oh, I will not go there, I'm not ready. I'm just glad I'm here now, and I only have to remember five points. 

                                                                   1. Pray
                                                                   2. Snuggle
                                                                   3. Laugh
                                                                   4. Coffee
                                                                   5. Chocolate

Blessings to you as you choose a "Good" today!"


Kimberly said...

That dog made me laugh! It also reminded me of Toy Story!

Melissa said...

Oh I so have to come back here to read this when I have more time....You have some shopping to do today girl!

Anonymous said...

I love your 5 things. I employ them as well--sometimes with way too much caffeine & chocolate.

michelle @ Housewife in the Raw said...

Sweet list. I'd sub out tea for coffee, but keep the other 4 things. My 6th thing would be sleep, but that's a bit out of our control. :)

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