Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Swimming Lessons......

I have had a very bored 4-year old, since about the week after Christmas. I have tried filling her time with all kinds of little projects like baking, puzzles, teaching her to write her name and practicing writing the alphabet, craft projects, coloring ext....  But with winter still gripping the prairie with a clenched white fist, we are seeing energy levels soar and attention spans shrink. Normally I would send her outside to play but with frigid cold temps and snow that is waist deep on her, it just hasn't been an option.

 I decided that swimming lessons would be a good fill of time and use of energy for a couple of mornings a week. With the added bonus of warm moist air produced from the pool it just might give this mama the sensation of a tropical beach and balmy 80 degree weather.

 At this point I'm willing to try anything.....

This morning was Sophie's first "Pre-Guppy" swim lesson. She is the only girl and the only one potty-trained. I'm sure there is some correlation with girls verses boys and the whole potty training thing.....I just thought it was funny.

I decided to ask her a few of questions about her lesson, in interview style. Please be advised these are asked by me and answered and unedited by Sophie's four-year old self.

Me: What was your favorite part about swimming lessons?
Sophie: "Going in the water,"..... duh Mom(added by me after the look it spawned)

Me: What was your teachers name?
Sophie:  I don't remember again.

Me: Her name is Miss Brittany. What is your favorite thing about Miss Brittany?
Sophie: Jumping.....she catched us.

 Miss Brittany worked as a life guard with this little girls daddy in high school.

Sophie: No one had the same suit as me.
Me: Is that because the rest of your class are all boys?"
Sophie: Boys didn't have flowers, they wear shorts. Like daddy wears shorts.

Me: How many boys were in your class?
Sophie: Three boys, one baby boy, one big boy, one big boy, ummm.....two big boys and one baby boy. 

Me: Did you listen to your teacher?
Sophie: Uhhhhhh.......the baby boy didn't listen he went by the red thing and the teacher said , Silly Goose.

Me: Sophie did you stay on the wall the whole time....?
Sophie: Nodding her head yes, No I didn't....yes I did, I stayed on it forever.

Me: What toy did you play with at the end of the lesson?
Sophie: A snake....A real snake.
Me: Are you sure it's real? I think you are telling a story....
Sophie: Nodding her head yes......Ummhmm.

Me: You played with another toy that was green what was it?
Sophie: A green spoon, I poured water on my teachers hair because she was naughty.
Me: Your teacher wasn't naughty...you were naughty.
Sophie: *Smile*

I'm Soooooooo sorry Brittany.

Blessings to you and especially over Miss Brittany.


Melissa said...

So cute, and super idea mama! She will love this, and you will have peace of mind this summer with her swimming in the pool.
My little lady has had lessons for the last year twice a week and she LOVES it! (through the daycare she is at) She now swims better than her 6 yr old brother! Shhh, don't tell him that!
Cute captures, she will love to look back on this!

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