Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Weekend In Review

Hello from me to you! I hope you are enjoying your weekend? We are enjoying the sunshine, and above 30 degree weather(finally) and a new season in life....

This is her scootin'.

This baby is officially mobile over the last couple of weeks and already has added bathroom invader and wooden stairs to her tally of places she has ended up, or down.
She took a tumble down the first flight of our steps last weekend and scared this mama to an almost fit of hysteria. She was fine Praise God, and recovered within a matter of oh......30 seconds. It wasn't so much a strait fall down the stairs but more like a slow slinky like roll from one step to the next. 

Oh, and cell phones beware. She loves to act like she talks on them. Wow, that started early. Her favorite thing right now is to call daddy at work and scream at him into the phone.
Talkin' to Daddy

 Speaking of Daddy.....This guy is her favorite person right now.
 She *scoots* into the laundry/mud room whenever she can to see if he is in there. You see, that is the last place she sees him disappear into before he is off to work in the mornings.

 He has to be hiding in there somewhere.....

Sophie's under the weather *look*

This little girl has been fighting a Sinus Infection all weekend, despite the Doctors diagnosis of a short term "virus" from a couple of weeks ago. Two weeks later her "virus" is still hanging on which will send us back in his office tomorrow. I asked her to let me take a less pitiful picture of her and in true Sophie fashion, she posed this one for me.

Gotta love this kid for always trying to look happy even if she isn't. She hasn't had an appetite for the last couple of days and if she isn't eating there is a major problem.
Hey Doc.....Sista' is sick.
Did I mention that on her first day of swim lessons she came out of the water mid-lesson to ask for a snack.

The only time she moved off of the couch is when I let her paint my toenails..... 

They are perfect, despite my ugly(much in need of a pedicure) winter feet! I haven't repainted them. I just haven't had the heart after she worked so hard on them.

Hallie's kindergarten class has been going ice skating over the last few weeks and she loves it. Her last session is on Tuesday so I'm going to be there is watch her bust out her triple tow loop. Oh well, maybe there won't be any jumping from her, but this mama just might be jumping, for joy that is. 

Praying you are enjoying a warm weekend filled with family time and plenty of sunshine!

Blessings from me to you!


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