Monday, February 28, 2011

R.I.P. Dear Vienna

Vienna De luxe

This is My Dear Friend Vienna, our beloved super-automatic espresso machine.

She died Saturday morning.

At 7:00am, to be exact.

This was a gift from my In-laws after the birth of my second baby.

Oh, my Mama-In-Law *knew* I would need super-caffeinated double shot espresso daily to live through some of the hardest post-pardom moments of my entire life. This machine saved me on a daily basis after nights and might I add..... many sleepless nights with a new baby and my than two year old.

But all good things must come to an end. This one just happen to *END* on a Saturday morning.


Have you ever seen the movie "Office Space?"
I was thinking in particular of the part where they take the copy/fax machine out side and beat it to pieces with a baseball bat.
I considered doing the same thing with my espresso machine, minus the horrible gangsta-rap playing in the background.

Enter my one sane moment of the weekend and I decided with 3 little sets of eyes on me this would not be a positive decision on my part to leave in my children's memory bank. So it will be slammed  gently placed into the dumpster come garbage day. 

Our new one is now on its way from Washington to Wyoming after I begged nicely asked my Mama-In-Law and my Sister-In-law to go on a machine hunt for me. You see, you can purchase these readily in the land flowing with coffee and rain....The good ol' state of Washington. So we should be be back up and running(ingesting)
  espresso by next week some time.

In the mean time we are using the reliable French Drip....

Which I might add makes a mean cup of coffee....and bonus....

it won't ever give me a red light, green light or malfunction. 

Does anyone else but people in the deep south( Hi Y'all) use one of these?



The Mac's House said...

ooo lala I love that French Drip pot, very nice! Sorry for your loss. hehehe I feel your pain, I LOVE coffee....


Anonymous said...

My BFF brings a French Drip pot *and* coffee with her whenever she comes to visit. She & my Hubby have "coffee wars" over who brews the best cup. She swears by her method. Glad you are getting a new espresso system. I think daily caffeine is mandatory after the birth of a second child. ;)

Melissa said...

Oh fer funny!
I feel for you, although I just gave up coffee again, at the end of December :( I love it, and miss it, but my body does not...and I have to listen to my body now! I suffer from migraine's and that has been a big trigger factor :(
But, man does that evah look nummy!

Kimberly said...

I am sorry to hear of your loss!
We have a French Press in MD! Funny thing, though, we aren't coffee drinkers! We are tea folk. The press is for guests...

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