Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What happens when you get a "Snow Day" or rather a too cold to go out and wait for the bus because it is negative 40 outside so they have cancelled school for the 2nd strait day........

This Mama will get to drink lots of this....

And then I start ravaging my cupboards looking for something to bake and keep my girls occupied while they are on the inside..... on "lock down."

 Then I hear angels sing when I spy these....... and I rejoice with the angels because God is so good to me and He knew I would need these to occupy two little girls when it is beyond frigid outside.......

So we whipped up a batch of these....


The girls were able to sprinkle and lick till their hearts were content and that was a blessing in disguise because even though I love them and think they are beautiful and I would do anything for them..... little germy hands and tongues all over frosting knives and cute little cupcakes is enough for me not to want to eat one.

Am I the only one who refuses to eat after my kids or are you guys the same way?  I'm a total germa-phobe even with my own flesh and blood.

I hear those angels again.....


Sprinkle Sprinkle
Lick, Lick.

Didn't we do a good job?

There is some evidence of cupcake licking on her face.

They were beautiful and they looked heavenly layered on my 3-tiered stand.

OK, so I got over the germs and was overtaken by the beauty of them and I ate one... well that's a lie I ate more than one but I'm stopping there.  But if I come down with a cold or the flu I vow to never eat another cupcake again!

I will be looking for more ideas on entertaining two busy little girls. I'm thinking I might set up an indoor obstacle course for them to run some energy out. That just might be it. 

Stay warm and have a blessed day! 


Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama} said...

What a fun way to spend a snow day! Your girls are adorable.

Anonymous said...

We spend many of our days baking--lock down or not. I'm with you on the germy thing. I love that my boys have so much fun decorating, but I really don't want to eat the ones they have been licking and pawing for hours.

Looks like your girls had a blast.

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