Saturday, January 29, 2011

This Is Supposed To Be Fun

I have been completing all of my "deadlines" as I expressed earlier in the week and now that I have done them I can mentally check them off the list. They were simple things really but enough to cause a road block for me in the creative thinking area. I probably won't fill you in on the details but they had to do with our other occupation as Jr. & Sr. High, and Young Adults Pastors. Yes, we wear many hats around here. 

As Friday approached I felt guilty for not blogging like I had planned on. I even started feeling some anxiety over it. All day I planned on sitting down to write and evening came and I found myself trying to hem curtains amidst the piles of flour I had strewn all over for homemade pizza dough......

I realized it didn't matter if I blogged today or tomorrow. This is my space to feel creative and inspired. I do not have to feel anxiety over it and if that is the case I don't need to do it. I have enough in my life that is work, blogging is fun and when I have a self induced anxiety attack about it, it has become work. So to myself I pledge:

This is for fun and when I; a wife, mother of 3, {one who is not yet potty trained or weaned} cook, maid, and seamstress look at my blog as something I have anxiety or guilt over I will stop doing it.
OK so this pledge is for me and you are now rolling your eyes with a "get on with it lady" attitude. I'm done.

With the busy week, my big girl was feeling it by Thursday after school. With our other occupation we are out late at least two school nights a week and Hallie starts feeling it come Friday morning. I'm usually dragging her out of bed and out the door to school with her in an emotional breakdown because of nothing other than sheer exhaustion. Poor girl. So I bagged school altogether. I pulled the "I'm the mama trump card." I called the principal explained that I'm keeping her home to rest and I won't be there for recess duty. He, the principal, being a kind and generous soul, said "OK, and thank you for calling." That poor man probably recognizes a stressed out mama when he hears one.

So this girl got to sleep-in and spend the day with her mama and her sisters...

We spent the day building forts, napping and vacuuming. Vacuuming you say......ya, it is something my girls *love* to do at the moment.

Bonus for me!

Lillie knows just what to do when I grab my camera.

I have to brag a little, in two days my baby girl will be 10 months old and she being the youngest child does not roll or crawl yet.....She doesn't have to. If she needs something she cries and one of her big sisters will bring her whatever she needs. So within the last week she has started to get really brave and reach and almost crawl.

A ball is major motivation for this baby, she is obsessed with them. 

Alright this isn't almost a crawl, this is a motivated reach......but we are getting closer to needing a baby gate on those stairs.

Oh and this is just to show how big she is getting.....and by "she" I mean both of them.

Oh Hallie, she loves to pick this baby up. It is not going to be happening much longer.......Lillie will be to big before long.

Enjoy your family this weekend.


P.S. I'm still decided on the name for my green pot. Too many lovely names to decide.


Anonymous said...

You are the best woman!!! Hang in there! Building forts was one of my favorite things to do as a kid, my brothers had a bunk bead and it made a great one!! Hugs and kisses from Oregon!!

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