Thursday, March 31, 2011


My "Baby" turns one today.

Wow! That puts a little lump in my throat.
It seems as if time has flown by.........wasn't I just getting to meet her in the hospital yesterday? Today she is scootin' around and fitting in with us like she has always been here. 
My doctor told me right before Lillie was born that young children really don't remember life without their siblings. They may remember memories of their life before but they don't remember little brothers and sisters not being "present."
I'd have to agree with her, Hallie {the girl with a memory of an elephant} cannot remember Lillie not being here. She will often say things like, "Did we live in our yellow house when we had Lillie?"  Now we haven't lived in the "yellow house" in three years. She was three when we moved out. So it tells me one thing....children can't remember their siblings not being here. They are attached at the heart and fit just so into a family.

Photo Credit~Aunt Cori

Lillie has done just that......she has fit. She is the perfect end to our family, the completeness we were lacking. She is our flower, our sweet little girl born the week of Easter and her name fitted perfectly....She is:


We decided to have a pre-birthday party for her on Sunday with all of her biggest fans and those happen to be, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, Great-Aunts, Great-Uncles and handfuls of cousins and friends.

The newest cousin was even Emilie.

We sang to her and she was a little shy...

But the shyness wore off in a quick manner because of this

But it quickly returned when an endearing Auntie Cori did this to her face.

The hit of present time was the card that sang the "Chicken Dance." She opened it over and over again.

And of course the ball.....this girl is nuts about a ball...can you tell?

What a blessing she has been to us this year. A year that has changed us, stretched us, and "fit" us. Lillie is the frosting on our cake that we didn't know was dry and she tastes as sweet as it too. She was an unexpected gift and a total surprise that God had planned for our family. She will be enjoyed, loved and a little bit spoiled by her two older sisters, but we can't remember a time that she wasn't meant to be here. Since she is the baby we often refer to her as anything but her given name and some of her sweet little names that her big sisters have given her are:
 Lillie Pie
Lillie Love Heart
Lillie Cake
We love you Lillie Cate and pray a special blessing over your life, you are our frosting , our finale and our flower.

Loving you always,


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to your sweet baby girl!

Melissa said...

Oh such special words you have given her...she is a blessing!

Jerrica said...

Abby this is beautiful! I never knew that about Children not remembering thier siblings not being "present" but you are right. That makes complete sense and just makes my heart so happy! Happy Birthday to Lillie <3

Kimberly said...

Love the cupcake photos! LOL!
She is adorable!

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