Monday, March 21, 2011

Skiing..... A First

We had a first for our Big Girl this last week. We were able to take her skiing for the very first time. This was so exciting for this Mama and the Daddy. For those of you who don't know us well...Peter and I started dating on the slopes and pretty much filled our winter time during our dating years snowboarding. We loved it. Still do, just not the soreness afterwards. (:  We used to spend all our money and any extra time taking the 2 hour drive to get to the slope where we really were able to learn about each others patience, or the lack thereof, taking risks and sympathy. During our early married years we were broke and lived at the base of Mount Hood in Oregon and we still would carve out time and money to make a couple of trips to "Board" dreaming of when we would be able to share the joy of the mountain with our future children. 

Fast forward nearly 12 years and we are finally seeing that dream become a reality. The only downside was that the mountain where we skied requires first time snowboarders to be at least seven years old. Hallie is six so we will have to wait to snowboard until next year. The up side....she is an amazing skier, and after seeing her on the slope she just may stick with it.


 Here she is in "ski school." Her instructor was amazing and did such a great job with all of the kids. He was probably in his late 50's and had the patience, humor and encouragement the kids needed.

First time down the hill

Here is the "Magic Carpet"....this is so nice for new beginners....just step on and it pulls you up the hill. It reminded me of the moving walkway in airports.

And you know you have the best Daddy when he forgets about "Boarding" and sits through your entire ski school lesson. *Sigh* be still my heart.....I love him.

And if this is not the cutest thing ever....My heart just burst.

Oh and that gorgeous house you see in the background you can rent it....for an obscene amount of money.

Here they are last run of the day....which means it's a little dark to keep taking pictures....

Hope you enjoyed the pictures this proud Mama sure did!



Anonymous said...

Spring skiing is the best. We taught son #3 to ski this year, so it was really fun to ski with the older 3 boys. That picture of your hubby on the lift with your girl makes my heart want to explode. So sweet!

Kimberly said...

Awesome shots! I am jealous! I was a big skier myself.... when I didn't worry about the budget so much. Now, sadly, we cannot go until our finances improve...

Melissa said...

Oh fun! She looks like a pro all dolled up on that slope! What a fun memory she will have! You rock momma!

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