Thursday, March 24, 2011


It is my birthday today, my 31st to be exact.

And I'm over women trying to hide their age.

I mean don't get me wrong, I'm extremely  flattered when one of our students in youth ministry says,
" I thought you were like 22."

I usually say something like, "You are the child I never had and would your parents let me adopt you."
 But I know they *know* I'm older.

  You know being in your 30's is not the "death sentence" I had imagined it to be. 

After turning 29 I freaked out over turning the dreaded *30* for the entire year. Yes, you read that right the ENTIRE YEAR, just ask my poor husband. 
But I have discovered something over the last year, and that is... 
I'm a planner and an organizer in fact it is both a good quality and a character flaw. 

So I subconsciously organized my freak out a full year ahead of time so I could be cool and relaxed when I did finally turn 30. You know what, it worked..... turning 30 was fine and no big deal. Well other than being 4 days overdue with my 3rd child.......30 was great and turning 31 is better. I have just fallen from "she just turned 30," to "She is in her early 30's" category. And you know what?  I'm now OK with it. So here are a few things I want to share with you that I have learned over my last year.

I have loved getting to know who this special baby girl is.

Not being pregnant on your birthday is.........A-May-to-the-Zing!

When you are four are totally free.

When you are six you're smart and studious and you think your Mama knows everything.

I am over the moon for this man more this year than last and this picture may have something to do with it. *swoon.*

Overexposed pictures are a beauty secret I'm willing to share....they wash out freckles and hide wrinkles.....
I have discovered a fountain of youth.

See what I mean.

Blessings to you today!


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful sister! With every year you truely become more beautiful than the last! I only hope I can age as beautifuly as you and become half the woman you are you just to let you know you are A-May-To-The-Zing to me! God truely blessed me giving me you as a sister! Thank you and Love You!

The Mac's House said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy enjoy enjoy! You made me giggle with your "secret" of the washed out wrinkles and freckles. too cute!

I'm freaking out at turning 50 this year, I know what you're thinking oh my goodness that gal is old..... Yeah I know, I didn't think it was old and now that I'm reaching it I am totally freaking out. LOL Now I'm really sure you're happy to be turning such a "young" age.


Anonymous said...

You are adorable! Many blessings to you on your birthday. And I am *totally* stealing your overexposed-photo-as-the-fountain-of-youth trick.

Melissa said...

Well Happy Birthday you young little hen you! Your beautiful, ya know, I hope you have had a wonderful day!

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