Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Easter Garden

It is important to teach and train my children in the celebration of Easter.

The Reason,
 The Sacrifice,
             The Redemption........

The Redeemer

It is....after all, the most beautiful act of love in all of history. 
And for us, Easter should be the most important holiday that we ever celebrate. 

In doing some research, I found an activity here to share with my girls. And I have to warn you.... tears will flow while making this.....I just couldn't help it. The remembrance of what was done in this garden is so powerful.

"Our beginning, and our mortal fall, began in a garden.
Christ’s beginning to right that fall began in a garden, passion anguish dripping great drops of blood.
Our new beginning began in a garden, stone rolled away to that echoing tomb, shroud whispering in the wind." ~ Ann Voskamp

Beautiful..... are the only words I can find.
To begin again, new life given from the Giver of Life...and it was given in a garden.

So we recreated a garden that will host a candle, to represent the waiting of....The Light. Until Good Friday, when and on that day it will be snuffed out and it will be dark. Just like the Bible tells us. The girls will place their caterpillar made from clay and wrapped in silk in the tomb, to represent Jesus and the laying of his body to rest. The stone will be placed in front and we will wait until Easter Morning to roll away the stone and find nothing but a piece of silk, a shroud of cloth. And in the garden... a butterfly, symbolizing the transformation and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior.
 A new Easter tradition..... and a beautiful thank you to Ann Voskamp for sharing it.   
Visit her Blog for her inspiration and beautiful words of encouragement.

I'm praying for you....each of you to have a blessed Easter weekend. A day to celebrate the greatest gift we will ever receive, Our Savior and Redeemer......Christ Jesus. 

Blessed In His Name,


Melissa said...

Seriously now, tears filled my eyes the minute I saw this!
How awesome is that!!!
I am running so short on time to do this this year, Easter at my house this year, (saturday) and all, I will remember this though for next spring...It will be hard to forget!
Thanks so much for sharing this Abby, hugs to you this Easter!

Jerrica said...

Abby this is sooo beautiful! Happy Easter to your family. Love you guys.


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