Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lillie Take The Wheel

On our way back from Washington last week we decided to let one of the girls drive so we could catch some much needed shut eye.

"Move outta my way Mama!"

 Of course we voted the baby of the family up first.

 I've told you before, both Peter and I are first born and you know how that goes......the baby of the family always pays the price for being just that.......the baby.

OK, maybe not. 

2 Venti Vanilla Latte's.....$9.00
Pretending to drive in a Starbucks parking lot.....$0.00
Letting your 12 month old stretch her legs 7 hours into a 15 hour drive.....Priceless!

I had to title this post that way.....You know the song don't you?......the one by Carrie Underwood? 

"Jesus Take the Wheel"

Love and Blessings this Holy week.


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