Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm Baaaack...

Oh, it has been too long.....I've missed you all!

Our road trip is over and we are back home in full swing. 

Which means, dentist appointments, soccer games, an afternoon of science with Hallie's kindergarten class, a city wide youth service that our church and youth ministry are putting on--I could go on and on--But we are ready for it. Our Washington State trip was relaxing and we made memories with family and that is most important. 

Memories that we can fill our memory file banks with.

 I wanted to post some pictures from our trip and I will try to limit the quantity. There were so many memories that it is hard not to share.

The highlight of our trip was meeting this new baby boy.

Baby Levin Joel is the sweetest baby and we are totally smitten with him. Sophie lovingly refers to her cousin as Eleven....Levin, Eleven...they sound the same to her.

We were honored to be present for this little boys dedication and to see first hand his very special Mama and Daddy dedicating Levin back to his Creator.

Very precious times indeed.

And we knew spring had at least sprung itself into full force by the display of green grass and blooming flowers. It gave this prairie dwelling Lass a ray of hope that we too will soon see flowers and another color but a dirty brown.
With flowers and the spring green come the Easter season.....and my girls were rewarded with a treasure hunt and a good ol' fashion Easter egg hunt. Complete with 36 candy filled eggs and around 44 colored ones. Yes, you read it right, 80 eggs to hide.

 In keeping of my typical style of forgetfulness.....I couldn't remember where I hid half of mine and so it was a hunt for me too. I think we did finally find all of them, but my Mama-In-Law may have a rotten treat come lawn mowing time....oops!




Sweet friends...Evan and Ann, joined Hallie and Sophie for the hunt and they all had quite the spoil to share.....makes me remember my own childhood egg hunts, only I remember more white on the ground than green.

And to make two little girls day, their Grammie and Auntie planned a little...er....I mean HUGE treasure hunt.

A clue...?

See what I mean....HUGE! The egg that was found in the JEEP to finish the clue for you.

The end product from a very exciting treasure hunt.

HUGE rewards I tell ya!

Because this is an already very Photo heavy post I will cut it here and post more later.....Besides I feel like this...

Only with a laptop in my hands and not a calculator.

It is good to be home and be back here in my special little spot with you.

Blessings over you!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet post. Those are the biggest plastic eggs that I have ever seen. What precious pics of your girls with those eggs!

The Mac's House said...

Welcome home. What a great photo post. Where on earth did you find those huge eggs? Do tell....

I love Easter Egg Hunts I must confess. :) probably more than the kids do!


kimberly said...

Very cute!

Melissa said...

Welcome Home sweets!
Sounds like you all had a wonderful time! What a fun Hunt you all created for the littles, so are the girls getting blessed twice with another hunt next week?!!!
Hey have you ever posted pic's of your coop? and maybe I missed them??? I would love to see!
Thanks for stopping by and always leaving such sweet words, I have been real relaxed on my commitment to blog lately, and actually it feels real good! Although I am loving my camera still and getting so comfortable with shooting in manual! Thanks for the encouragement girl!
Have a wonderful end of the week here and enjoy that spring air!

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