Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quiet Reflection And An Answer....

Thank you for the kinds words and welcome home comments, you all are the best! I am starting to slow down this week as we have crossed off most things from our crazy to-do list.

 One of the To-Do list items that I had shared in my last post was a unity service that our church hosted. I am this morning in a state of joyful reflection as I think about the service that took place last night.


That was the name of it, which it was just that, a unified time for all of the local students to worship, fellowship and give thanks to our God together. With 400 teens and many changed lives later, I am joyful, and in a state of gratitude to my Heavenly Father for weaving the details into a masterpiece of hope. I am beyond blessed to be apart of Gods plan for the students in this community.

I don't often write of our life in the ministry only because this blog is for my girls and more about my life as a mama, but serving my God through the caring of all of His children is a passion of both my husbands and I.  I just have to share this today.  I cannot neglect my joy in not sharing another aspect of our lives, a very large aspect that we devote our time to. 

On to other things....I had a few of you ask where these Mega plastic eggs came from?

My Mama-In-Law got them from Hobby Lobby. All three come nested together and all of their Easter decor should be on sale right now. I went online to see if you can order them, and you could, however, they are currently out of stock. If you have a local Hobby Lobby they should have them in, just be sure to check for cracks. My M-I-L had a hard time finding a set that wasn't cracked. I'm just kicking myself for not getting a set the last time I was there. I just couldn't figure out how I would use them. I'm thinking a treasure hunt with these may be a new tradition.

Grammies BIG bath tub

On a funny "mama rant" I gave Sophie a bath this morning and after a very extended time she came out of my bathroom all dressed and smiling, smelling of 3 different perfumes and wearing lipstick.

Oh, a girl is a girl, through and through.

Wouldn't you agree?
I'm off to plan my Hunny's 30 birthday tomorrow.....



Melissa said...

Oh to be 30 again!!! Hope he has a blessed day!
I love the bridge shot Abby, what a cool place for a photo shoot!
Did your heart laugh a little when she came out smelling of all 3 perfumes!!! WOW, she musta been fragrant!!! What a sweet heart! Happy planning to you!

The Mac's House said...

My sister use to get into my mothers "samples" of perfume and lipstick when they came in those itty bitty ones, anyone else remember those? When she would come out she would say "don't I stink pretty?"! Well yes those words were an accurate assessment of how she smelled alright! :)

Gotta love the little girls that are totally all girl. :)

Thanks for the info on the eggs!

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