Monday, May 30, 2011

A Branding We Will Go

My family had a branding this weekend......

It was the first break in the weather in two weeks....

It was perfect....!

The last time I attended a branding, I was around eleven.
Lets just say it's been a while.

I had a blast pho-togging it. So much fun, but my brain was on overload......

What to shoot, where to stand, where not to stand, get out of the was a great way to exercise my skills.

This time of year all of the cattle ranchers are de-worming and vaccinating cows and branding calves. Rather than listen to me talk about something I do not know a whole lot about....
I will just let the photos speak for themselves.......

                                                                 Bringing them on into the corrals.

                                               My cousins, Angie and Jesse

This was my girls' first branding.
 Lillie screamed, "DOG" at the cows the entire time. We could not convince her that they were not dogs.

This is my Grandpa, he is preparing the vaccinations.

                      My cousin Charlie giving the vaccinations.....ouch...look at that needle!

                                                                        The Shoot

My Hunny, he was on de-worming duty.

 Cowboys may wear the same attire that they always have, chaps and spurs.... but their technology is far from the same old way it used to be.

                                                 My Dad and my cousin Skylar.....

I love this Dad and my uncle are running the branding irons.
This picture is from a very tall hill that I might have drove the pickup most of the way up....I refused to walk that far....(:

Just little taste of Wyoming life for you this memorial day.

Have a Blessed Memorial Day!


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