Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Drinking Coffee with my BFF and drinking in the view.

OK, I'm back and almost caught up on life......Please excuse me, as I have been nesting in the heart of the glorious Colorado Rockies.

These mountains seriously slayed me.  The weather, the depth of color, the glory of God's creation!
All of it....

I had the privilege of being invited by my BFF to attend a women's retreat called "Captivating" by Ransomed Heart Ministries and it was life changing to say the least.....and getting to attend with my BFF and life long friend, McKenzie, was priceless!

She had to remind me how long we have been friends and lets just say we were babies when we met. He he he he... This girl and I, we are alike in so many ways, for instance we are both:
Christ Followers
 The first born of 3
 Type A(in a good way of course)
Me-Lover of Coffee, Music and Books
Her-Lover of Music, Books, Coffee.
Mama's to girls
Wives to wonderful hubby's
Need I go on...?

She is my match in many areas and where I gap she fills, where she gaps I fill. That is what friends do you know, fill the gaps where the other lacks.  (:

What a sweet memorable time that I was able to store in my files. There is nothing like, my Jesus, my best friend and a whole group of ladies to make your heart come alive.

How many shoes do 14 women need???  Lots!

Since I did not get permission to post all of the beautiful faces of the Captivating "Dabber" Ladies. Here are a few of the many shoes we brought. Each one-a representation of its owner-uniquely made to play an irreplaceable role.....which role will you play?

 And if you are ever in doubt about purchasing a cute pair of waterproof winter boots before a trip to the Rocky Mountains in May......

 Like Nike says....Just Do it!
You wont be sorry, especially when it is 13 degrees with 6 inches of new snow on the ground. Just sayin'.

And after a wonderful weekend away and my awesome Hunny at home with his three beautiful girls, I got to come home to this

It is good to be home!
To all of my new lady know who you are, I love you and am praying for you.

Blessings this week!


G Rae said...

Wonderful photos!!

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