Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rock Crawling

The girls are showing off their gummy worms and gummy tarantulas.

I wanted to share about the small adventure that we shared as a family this past weekend....

 My husband has recently become an avid *Rock Crawler.* It is one of his many extreme hobbies and please, do not make me get into the details of all of his is a lengthy list that I'm OKwith. It is who he is and I like him. OK, more than like, I LOVE him...his hobbies and all.

My Hunny has always been a Jeep Man...
In fact he had one all through our dating years, engagement and into our first year of marriage.

 Jeep #1 was a thing that I loathed.

Truly....... I LOATHED it!

My Hunny always had it in some precarious predicament such as, on a hill sideways, stuck in a snow bank in below zero temps, or floating in a 4 foot deep mud whole in the rain without the top on it.
Do you get the picture..... 
Every time my Beloved picked me up for a date in Jeep #1 I would end the evening in a hysteria of tears due to the situation he had challenged himself to conquer. 

A bit of a drama queen...ummmm...perhaps, but believe me when I say PRECARIOUS. 
Wow, and to think, he still married me. (:

Anyways when he started talking of getting another Jeep I was dead set against it. Refer to the paragraph above for an explanation.
However, with an agreement that he would give up Motocross....another post entirely, I begrudgingly agreed. He also backed his argument that this was something we could all do as a "family." I gave him my standard issue answer. You can ask him what my standard issue answer is for any wild hair he gets, and he will say it is this:

 "OK Babe, why don't you pray about it."

Well pray he did, and within a month, through some very unexpected circumstances he had a Jeep. 

Fast forward one year later and I have never been able to go with him "Rock Crawling."
It is something as a nursing mother you just don't throw yourself at. 
He has taken the older girls on several occasions but Lillie and I have  always stayed home.
In fact I have posted about his other rock crawling adventures Here.

This last weekend was my virgin attempt to go "Jeeping" with him and the girls. Lillie was left responsibly in my mothers care. Phew!

For the record my girls just adore going "Jeeping" with their Daddy. This Mama, well it was an interesting adventure, one that I will not swear off yet, but it was a challenge to stifle screams. Trust Me!

These became my B.F.F. for the day and I was blessing the person that invented them.
I always wondered why he hung those there on the roll cage. "ROLL CAGE," guess I should have thought that one through.

This was not us, it was the guy behind us and the beginning part of the trail was fun.

Here we are parked at the entrance to the climb. Not so bad at all!

Just for a size comparison, here are my 4 foot-something-girls climbing up the trail.

We.....ummmm .....*GULP*....crawled up that same trail with the Jeep.

Look at his smile!

I can't say I didn't have a good time, I did.
It was fun! 

A little scary when we were stuck on a cliff-like-thingy for more than an hour. I was so freaked out I took the girls and walked down the trail while they tried to get the Jeep off of the cliff. I didn't get a picture of it, darn!  The one other time that I was really scared, was when we lost our brakes on the way down. No worries, they randomly started working again...... Praise the Lord!
 In fact I was praying the whole time and thinking, "this is so dumb, God is not going to help a bunch of dumb people who go looking for a way to get hurt." He did hear me though, kinda hard not to through all of the

It was a time I will remember.
I'm sure my Hunny will too.

As for the girls, look at them.
They love it! They are never scared, and Sophie slept in the back of the Jeep while the cliff-like-thingy happened. It was amazing, she woke up as they plummeted down the larger-than-the-Jeep cliff and she laughed that it was fun.
I was safely very far away, not photographing it. 

 This is my Favorite picture of the day..... look at those girls watching their Daddy.

Have a Blessed day!


Melissa said...

What a BLAST!!!
You took some awesome pic's too! I went "jeeping" once when I was a little girl in Colorado, and it was so so so much fun! I will never forget it! as I'm sure you and the girls won't either!

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