Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Is A Tease....

June 9th 2011

Oh look at that emerald green!
These photos are taken almost 6 months apart.
And I'm a little partial to the first one....

January 6th 2011

We think Summer is here.....
She......Summer is her name, keeps giving us these teaser days that are warm and sunny, and than she slaps us in the face with a hefty bill payable with 4 days of wet and cold.

How cold you say?????

47 degrees in JUNE!

And just to give you a sense of why I'm howling, it was 90 degrees only 4 days ago. 
Summer on the prairie can be as *fickle* as a woman, or so my Hunny would say.

Just because I like to give useless facts, here is the definition of the word *fickle.*

Fickle:  marked by lack of steadfastness, constancy, or stability : given to erratic changeableness
Oh, I had a good laugh over this, especially since it is often used around this house and used in context and can be oh-so true!
This is an Easter Egg Chicken, she will lay blue or green eggs come November

We have celebrated the first week with these little girls and I'm happy to announce they are all doing wonderfully, a little shell shocked from three little girls squealing over them, but nonetheless healthy.

Along with the arrival of our little girls, came our ten big girls already a-layin'.

They are the sweetest hens, and these ever lovin' girls will be out in high wind, rain, or sunshine. They are champion foragers and are in their prime for laying. Yeah for us! We are averaging about 8 eggs a day and it is a welcome change after going without for a couple of months.

Have you priced organic free-range eggs in the store....they can be upwards of 4.99 a dozen. I think I'm sitting on a gold mine.....or a golden egg. However you want to look at it.

These are a few photos of our new "Big Girls" as we endearingly refer to them.

                           The Black and White one "Martie" is her name, is a Plymouth Rock. ( I think)

                        This Buff Brahma is "Sylvia." She is one of my favorite breeds of chicken.
                   I love that it looks like she has  bloomers on, especially when they ruffle in the wind.

Whether Summer comes to the prairie as a fickle woman or a dear old friend, we are enjoying the emerald green and the occasional smile of her sunny face. 

One more thing........

P.S. Dear Summer, we have some dates that we would like you to show for. They include but are not limited to: the pool, picnicking, and maybe camping. Please, please be an old friend and do not stand us up.   

Blessings and sunshine to you all!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful birds and photos!! We have had a cold spring up here in Washington too!

Melissa said...

sounds like our weather here!
Tomorrow should be perfect, right!
Loving your chickens! and your little fuzzy friends too! How cute!

Kimberly said...

I love your last photo! You take such awesome shots! Enjoy the eggs!

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