Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kittens and Kids

I haven't shared with you a couple of our newest aquiring's.
Meet, Sassy and Charlotte, oh and Hallie.
We have had mice problems, bad.....
It comes with living in the country, as does peace and quiet, and wide open spaces. Mice must enjoy the peace and quiet and wide open spaces too.
 We knew what had to be done, we needed to get some barn cats. 
About that time a friend adopted a cute little cat who 3 weeks later gave her 7 more cute little cats.
Side note: I have a couple of friends,(Hi Megan and Sarah) who in college went and bought a couple of cats at a pet store and one of their dad's threw a fit. He told her that you never pay for a cat, you can always find one for free.
Funny how that has always stuck with me. (: 
We are not cat people. I'm barely a dog person. I know, I know, how could I have chickens and not a dog or a cat. It's easy..... I can leave my chickens outside, even for a couple of days with an auto feeder and water. Cats and dogs are different. They need care and love and cuddles and you can't leave them for a weekend without someone checking on them......
Sometimes a Mama can only care and cuddle so many things, and my kids take up most those care and cuddles.
 Cats were not on my radar.
Until now.......
I'm kinda a cat person now. Well, at a distance.
I don't want them in my house, but I will cuddle and care for them outside. Believe me when I say they are well cared for and cuddled by three little girls all the time.
They love the chickens and drink with them out of their auto waterer. They cruise the coop and you can find them sleeping out with the chickens or on the patio furniture, or maybe in my husbands Jeep.
OK so they have taken over.
Prairie Mama


adamdiaz88 said...

There is a very valid reason you can always get a free cat! In fact, it doesn't take too long to find someone who is willing to PAY you to take their cat!

Tell the girls Uncle Adam says "hi!"

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