Monday, October 8, 2012

Marinara Sauce Recipe

Gluten-Free pizza and homemade sauce....taken with my iPhone.
I mentioned previously that I would give you my marinara sauce recipe. As, I mention in this post, Friday night is pizza night at our house. I make both a gluten free crust(recipe can be found here) and a whole wheat crust for those of us that still can eat it. (: The GF is the best crust I have tried; trust me, one year into cooking GF and we have tried at least 10 different recipes. This one is the best. The whole wheat recipe that I use is Tyler Florence's from food network and you can find it here.
OK on to the sauce.....
Here are the ingredients you will need....the Agave is optional.

This will make enough sauce for 4 ten inch pizza's. If you like to have extra for dipping or you like "Extra Sauce" on your pizza, double the recipe.
1 can of Diced Tomatoes
1 Medium Onion chopped into quarters
1 tablespoon of butter
1/4 tsp of salt if using salt free tomatoes
1 Tbs. honey or 2 tsp. of Agave
Now the easy part is to dump it all together into your crock pot. I usually throw this together around noon and set at 4 hours, you can set it at 8 if you are going to be gone. After everything has melded together I taste check and adjust my salt and honey.
You know I like my stuff a little sweet. (:
I have an option to brown/simmer on my crock pot, so the last 5 minutes I will take the lid off and reduce until most of the liquid is gone. Then I dump it into my blender/food processor/bullet(name your device) and puree.
 If you are using the stove top, simmer on low for 45 minutes cover with a lid, making sure to stir often. Take the lid off the last 5 minutes and reduce the liquid only if it seems watery. Throw it in your blender/food processor to puree. 
It is amazing how you will not miss adding any herbs or anything else to make this taste like it has been flown strait from grandma's kitchen in italy(I'm guessing here.) However, you could add your favorite herbs or garlic, I have done both and they are good too. This is just plain and simple and easy.....just the way I like things, oh and it has butter sooooo....that makes it delightful!

After you have it pureed, enjoy on pizza, pasta, or whatever you like. This is a simple no-fail recipe and it tastes amazing.
 Note: I have also used fresh tomatoes instead of canned and it is equally as good. However, for those of you Wyoming folks, you know it is hard to find "good" fresh tomatoes unless they are from your own garden.....and sadly that didn't happen for me this year. (:
On another note, I already broke my 31 day challenge....I didn't post this weekend. Time just seemed to slip by and every time I thought about it something came up.
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