Friday, December 3, 2010

Who did this?

Awww ......look at this pic. Lillie sitting on the couch with her Aunties. So sweet, so cute.

 Look at this Lillie being held by Pappo. Look at her little Grinch outfit and her cute hair bow. Such a little girly!


I would seriously like to know which one of my precious family members did this to my baby? She who is sweet and cute and cuddly, is now a NINJA???

Please do tell, who did this?

Crouching baby hidden dragon

Yes the red on the end is fake blood.

Now how a family with three girls, (THREE GIRLS) has a sword with fake blood on it I have no idea, but who gave this to the baby and tied a Mr. Miyagi kerchief to her head?  

I have my suspicions as to who YOU are so do not mess with MY baby!

On another note, I'm wondering if Lillie is a secret ninja, like Jack Jack on "The Incredibles," had a secret super power. She actually knows what to do with a sword. Scary, very Scary.


L Crowe said...

That is so funny! My guess would be Peter?

Anonymous said...

It was a combination of family members. and no it wasn't peter. A few of us conspired to turn her. Others just sat by and let it happen. So really we're all at fault:)

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