Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas favorites..... Yum!

OK, So I have more photos from my workshop. For all my family out there, yes, I took pictures of this and I'm sorry if you have just discovered that I'm weird.

When I married my handsome husband some eleven years ago, I discovered a rule about Christmas that I did not know existed. I cannot believe this rule was around and I wasn't aware of it. However, I have been explained what the rule is, and have been informed that it is to be strictly followed.

It is this......

Christmas does not begin until you have made LARGE quantities of Chex Mix.

This is 4 feet of Chex Mix cooling...

I had no idea that this is a Christmas rule, but I was happy to jump on board with this one. Just so you know it is a fabulous tradition and this just says Christmas, family, togetherness......and OK..... the occasional fight over the mix. Maybe not so "togetherness" with this one.

So far, we are on our second batch of Mix for the season.

Anyways, what Christmas food traditions do you have? Please do share, I love a good recipe.


                                                    Peace and Blessings,

                                                        ~Prairie Mama


Anonymous said...

Mmm...its the way to an Angelos' heart.

Kenzie said...

Shaun is the same way with his Mix at Christmas---only I'm not allowed to make it. He has to make it himself!!

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