Sunday, December 12, 2010

Way Behind on Assignments

 I'm waaaaaaayyyyy behind on assignments for "Finding the Joy." However it is not lack of picture taking it is the lack of getting them uploaded and re-sized for the blog. I am so glad I'm not getting graded on this as it would be a big fat zero in the grade book.  Wow, I can honestly say I never in all of my school career had a late assignment. This is good for me and my totally O.C.D and perfectionist kind of ways. Well, at least that sounds like a good excuse. (:

Some of you may not understand the photo class so I will elaborate, there is never a flash used in these photos, I use a Prime lens to get the great out of focus background and if your not totally lost yet, it is called shooting in Manual with a Digital SLR Camera or a DSLR. This takes quite a bit of practice and as I'm just starting I have lots of it to do. This is is a combination of a couple of assignments.

 The Gingerbread House  

Sophie had more fun eating the candy that building the house so she ate her fill and then left to go play.....3 year olds.

Anyways, that is why Hallie is in most of the pictures. She stuck it out and finished it. 

Assignment: Playing under the Tree

Love this.....Let me hold your hand Lillie.

Look at Sophie's right hand, "Let me feel your cheeks....."

Yes they are soft.....

Poor Lillie, she is well loved on, squeezed, and endearingly pinched often. What can I say, she is the baby of the family.

Awww...... and this girl. Look at that sweet smile.

I will end with this lovely picture of my "little girl," as I call her. It is her 4th birthday today and we have lots to plan and a Christmas play to partake in. Enjoy, and peace to you this week.


Prairie Mama


Adam said...

I love the pictures! All that mumbo jumbo you were talking about at the beginning really makes them look amazing!

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