Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Joy

In September I blogged Here about "Finding Your Joy," an online photography workshop by Kelly Willette I'm not going into details about it today, but if you feel like it you can go back and read what it was about.

Anyways, I was significantly challenged by the class and enjoyed the learning process that it took me through. There is nothing like a challenge to get you out of your comfort zone. So when Kelly posted Finding Your Holiday Joy I jumped at the chance to sign up. So here are a few of the pics that I have shot for the class and there will be many more to come as she has a challenge for every day of the week. Now, as a mama of three I can promise that I wont be posting a photo for every assignment but here are few to start.....

Photography Assignment:  Decorations

Peace & Blessings,

~Prairie Mama


paula said...

you photos are great abby! i love reading your blog :)

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