Monday, December 6, 2010

The Tree

Sophie's baby ornament

This is my favorite part of Christmas. In fact it is not officially Christmas at our house until the tree is drug out of storage and completed. This year was the first year that the girls both helped and were strategic about ornament placement. Ah....the O.C.D. of their mama is finally paying out. They did a wonderful job and I had to show a few of our favorites as well as the some of the things that go on when decorating a tree with children of 6, 3 and 8 months......

Hallie's favorite! Can you guess who?
Lillie's favorite ornament, or uhhh......decoration.

The more the better right?

All for me.....he he he....

Hallie insisted that this stocking be put in the photo....

One of my favorite ornaments given to us by a former neighbor in Portland.

Another one of Hallie's

Apparently you can put these in a Ziploc and they stay fresh for years.

The finished product
We had a blast decorating thise year, and it was fun to let the girls decorate themselves. Only to make some minor adjustments after they went to bed. (shhhhh) They were so proud of themselves and since it is one of my favorite things to do at Christmas it made it more special that they are getting to an age where they decorate it and leave it. No toppling tree this year, that will be on the agenda for next year, when we have a 20 month old. Oh, let the memories begin.

Peace To You This Season,

~Prairie Mama


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