Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Number 4

This "Little Girl" turned the B.I.G. number 4 this last week. To think that she came 4 years ago, wow! Time goes by so fast. We have had our ups and downs this girl and I. We have struggled through numerous sickness, accidents, and a recent surgery in her short 4 years. This girl is always upbeat and cracking jokes like she was a stand-up-comic waiting for her applause. Oh, did I mention she is good at it too. She just has the knack for making people laugh. Oh, I love her.

We had a small party this last week with all her cousins....



The sisters...... oh and they were so EXCITED!!!

We had a craft provided by Mimi....

And Cake Pops.

If you have never seen a Cake-Pop they are amazing little bites of cake coated in chocolate or a candy shell. They are incredible and if you want some ideas visit Bakerella. She has amazing things and mine just don't do her justice. Trust me when I say, these are addicting. The fact that they are bite-size makes them even more tempting. 

Love this....Peter is covering Jory's mouth so he wont blow out the candles

Here is the star of the show opening gifts....
Meet Beast, he is for her Bell. Creepy...maybe, but Sophie requested him.

She was so excited for her birthday, and for everyone to come celebrate with her. Did I mention she loves to be the center of attention...Must be a middle child thing. Whatever it is...... it is working for her. She is so darn cute.

Bitty baby, our new baby in the house.

Meet Bitty Baby. She has become a member of our family this last week and if we ever lose her...Oh, I don't even want to think about that, but American Girl you will be put on speed dial.

Happy 4th birthday Sophie. You have been such a joy to us, our little "Sofa-Loafa." You are funny, endearing, happy, and a tease. We look forward to your budding personality and OK, maybe a stint as a stand-up so you can pay for our retirement. No pressure, Baby. You have a piece of my heart. I love you!



G Rae said...

What a bunch of cuties!! And I LOVE the idea of cake pops. Brilliant!!

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