Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Prairie Cherubs

The girls were in a Christmas play at church this weekend. They were "Cherubs." Not just any cherubs, they played the "munchkins" in a Christmas spin off of, The Wizard of Oz. Very cute! They sang songs and got do costume changes oh, and wear make-up. Which Sophie was so happy about. That is all she has talked about, "I get to wear sparklies mama."

You see Sophie devotingly watches me whenever I put on make-up. In fact she has some of my old brushes and compacts and pretends to put on eye shadow and blush like a pro. Sophie was born to be a girl, one that wears make-up, high heels and nurtures babies. It is en-grained in her very being.

Hallie on the other hand, hated the whole make-up, made-up thing. The first thing she said to me when she got off the stage was, "Mama can I take my make-up off now?" We heard this same question at least 9 times before we left the church and again promptly when we entered the house. So I scrubbed and scrubbed and vowed she would never have to wear it again.

So what do Prairie Cherubs look like?

Like this..... maybe with a little less paint. (:

This is a home-boy version of a Cherub
 It was so sweet to watch them on stage and as the lighting was terrible, as in no spotlight, I didn't get a picture of them on stage. I have some very dark video footage but I'm not a videographer for sure. I'll stick to pictures. (:

I love this one....

Have a blessed week before Christmas!

~Prairie Mama


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