Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Glimpse Into My Life

On my counter

Pardon me for not posting yesterday. I'm just trying to keep up.... or maybe just keep my head above the piles of laundry that are multiplying before my eyes.

 Yeah, I'm falling behind this week, and it has just started.

I have ten thousand things circling around and around in my head. I also have numerous places I have to be and deadlines that are due by tomorrow.  *Gulp*

Laundry, cooking, bathing, cleaning, toy repair..... oh and maybe time in there to shower myself. And.........

You know it really doesn't matter.

On my couch

You know what matters? Those moments that you share with your "littles," the moments of uninterrupted talk with your spouse. The dinnertime conversation with a sparkly eyed 6-year old. Those are the moments that matter.
I have to remind myself to store those moments in my memory files. These moments of a messy home, piles of laundry, and toys in the tub. These are moments that are filled with hugs and kisses, laughter and an occasional painful scream from the barbie shoe you have stepped on for the, 5th time today.

On my floor

In my tub

However, these moments that will not be here forever. Soon, so very soon, all the toys will be gone, and laundry will be less, my house will be clean and there will be other types of deadlines to meet...... Like student loan payments. 

For now, I'm going to file my moments away, store them in my file box. And I will have these photos to look back on and remember....... that is when the girls played with barbies in the floor, those are their toys they played with in the tub and that is what my couch looked like while folding endless piles of footied Jammie's and tiny socks.

 Just a moment, my moment in time.

Blessings to you today!


julie - eab designs said...

Your post brought a big smile to my face this morning. It seems like yesterday that we used to have "barbie land" all over the house. Staying at home and raising our sweet girls is the best thing that I could have ever wished for. Your first photo particularly brought back memories. I can't tell you how many Barbie heads my husband glued back on! The everyday moments are the best!

V. Furnas said...

What a beautiful post! Your pictures are fantastic. I love seeing that others have houses just like me. Thanks for being so honest.

Jerrica said...

Abby I have never read your blog before. Taking a break today and trying to catch up. This post especially blessed me today. These moment of not a perfectly clean home but rather alove filled lived in place that we share, love and grow together. These moments will be gone before we know it. Thanks for being so wonderful. Your words are wonderful! Love you Abby!

Jerrica Johnson

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