Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Friday & A Kitchen Reveal!

First of all thank you so much for all of your sweet comments and name suggegstions about "she" the green pot. I am going to have a hard time trying to choose just one. I will keep the name suggestions comments open until next wednesday so if you didn't get to comment your choice name you still have time.

 On another note I have been busy since I lasts posted on my home goals. I knew that if I commited to someone I would start. Oh boy do I have some things to show you.

Can you guess what these are?

Jewelry....... Glorious cabinet jewelry.

It took me exactly one trip to my Dad's, 3 trips to Home Depot and 4 days to complete all the hardware. Oh--but it was worth it.
Let me tell you it was about impossible to get those drawers open with out these. I do not know how I lived for the last 18 months trying to pick those things open. I asked my hunny what he thought of them and he says, with a chuckle, he has yet to use them...oh my. Men!

Here are some before photos of the kitchen.


Look at the jewelry, do not pass over my handiwork.

Please ignore the balloons on the ceiling. Peter is supposed to be bringing me in the B.B. gun to shoot them down. No, I'm kidding, than again maybe I'm not.

I'm happy for the time being with how it has turned out. I'm sure I will change my mind and move things around-OK so I already have.
Hey, I'm a female, I'm allowed to change my mind.

Here are my favorites.

I picked this silverware caddy up at Wal-mart this week. It works great for the girls to grab their own spoons and forks right off of the counter. Oh, and the vintage silver was a wedding gift to my Mama-In-Law from her piano teacher. She gave it to me about 6 years ago and it is a treasure that is well loved and well used.

I had to show the valentines tree the girls helped me decorate.

I like the size of this tiered tray. I'm using it for fruit but it would be darling layered in cupcakes.

I used magnetic cork boards here to attach recipes while I bake. The card that is posted there is a recipe for Oatmeal Muffins that my Hunny wrote himself when he was a little boy.I love him and I love his Mama for saving this precious treasure for me. The picture of the bunny was commissioned by a famous artist who goes by the name, Hallie.

I have been drooling over these stools for a year now and I finally purchased a set of them. I'm loving the modern but vintage industrial feel they give to the kitchen. I still have to purchase 4 more to fill out the other side of the eating area. When I designed the island I wanted it to sit at least 6 people since we eat here even when we have company. It is 8ft by 10ft with cupboards on each side for extra storage . By far this is my favorite feature of my kitchen. 

I have been using this chalkboard to write love notes and bible verses for my family. I had it in storage for 10 years after buying it at a garage sale for a quarter. When I was growing up my mom used to write scripture on our mirrors and fridge with a Dry Erase Marker. I loved it when she would change the verse on my bathroom mirror. It always made me feel special, because I knew she had picked it just for me.

This blue basket caddy is one I have used in my girls nursery to store cotton balls, q-tips and hair bows. I needed something to keep all of my different cooking salts and this was a perfect fit. The honey pot and sugar bowl are made by the talented  Miss Abbey Rothenbuehler from Lone Tree Pottery.

Remember this horrid little corner

 That is much better!

There you have it, one of my many things to check off of my to-do list.

As for the rest of my week, we have been playing it low-key and keeping up on all of the necessities like vacuuming, folding laundry and bathing kiddos.

From me and Sophie-the-Silly, have a Blessed weekend!


The Mac's House said...

I love the old with the new and then the handcrafted. Gorgeous!

Those stools are stunning!

Great job!

Erin Roth :) said...

Oh Abby I love this post best of all!! I love writing on mirrors like that too! What fun you all have in your delightful home!! Love the wood floors too, by the way!

Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama} said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous before AND after! I love the chalkboard with scripture written on it--what a great idea.

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