Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baby Food

Over the last couple of weeks my baby girl has decided she will no longer eat anything that resembles baby food and she will no longer eat anything that is on a spoon. Which translates to, no baby mush and Lillie must feed herself.  I don't know if this is a phase or her showing some very strong {stubborn} independent tendencies.

Which for the record, I have no idea who she inherited those tendencies from.....

Both of her parents could be to blame....

 I have for the most part made all of her baby food in the past. I roast or steam fruits and vegetables, cook brown rice, pasta or potatoes and run them through the food processor until mush. I than freeze the puree in ice cube trays and after the cubes are frozen I pop them out and store them in a air-tight container. When meal time comes around I pull out a couple of cubes add a little water and microwave them for 30 seconds.
Easy Schmeezy. 

With this new found desire to self feed she has sent me on a scramble to find a things that are easily picked up and not a choking hazard. Funny..... I don't remember this part of mama-hood with the other two. Of course, I think I fed them until they were old enough to hold a spoon on their own.  

Anyways, I've been trying to be inventive on the baby-but-not-quite-toddler food front. I have resorted to cut up bananas, pasta, potatoes, and sticky rice. I than had a breakthrough and decided to roast diced fruits and veggies until tender but skip the puree process. Duh.....I know. 

Roasted Squash

This is my test....


This one passed the test. It is a hit!

Oh, and while I made Lillie baby-ish food. Sophie was busy making this...

Golf ball anyone......? They are De-Lish!

 Sophie is still fighting something that the doctors keep telling me is a virus, so I was fortunate enough to run all of the contaminated spoons thru the dishwasher and not so fortunate in getting a photo of her. Note to self...."do not take a picture of Sophie while sick." She doesn't pose well or at all for them. 

Oh, and more to come on Ice Skating....

  I haven't been able to interview Hallie about her "experience" yet. Once I do, more photos to come.  

And on another note, I mopped my mudroom yesterday for the first time can't even remember and then I promptly spilled my chocolate protien shake all over it.

Just thought I would throw that out there.
 Keepin it real people.

Oh, on a second note.....I just heard the UPS man drop off my new espresso machine. *SQUEEL*
Gotta run.

Blessings today!


Melissa said...

...Murphy's Law!...
Have fun with your new Espresso, I'm so jealous!

clove's corner said...

My daughter was/is the same way with the food bit. She ate pureed food from a spoon for, like, two weeks. It's been non-choking finger food ever since. I'm trying to teach her to use a spoon, but mostly she bangs it around and throws it on the floor. I can't wait until soup becomes a dinner option in our family.

Anonymous said...

Sons #2 & #4 both decided that they would feed themselves at early ages. I also made their baby food, and it still took me awhile to continue making it and just skip the puree. You are not alone, Sister!

BTW--in my house, it is my little joke that the surest way to have a massive spill on the floor is for me to mop it.

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