Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ice Skating

I finally found some time to have an interview with my "Hallie Girl" about her ice skating trip we went on last week. Wow, it is sad that this week has made me have to arrange a time to "interview my 6 year old", due to plain craziness, but there has been reasons for that; fun reasons I might add, and more on that in another post...

Who *knew* that her favorite color would be on her skates...

I went ahead and asked Hallie a few questions to help me describe our little excursion and please remember these are unedited and written just as she said them.

Me: Hallie what was your favorite part about Ice Skating?
Hallie: Doing it all by myself. {Spoken like a true first born}

Me: Did you have any help?
Hallie: A little

Me: Who helped you?
Hallie: The preschool helper, the little one, not the two big ones. She was really good at stopping.
Me: Her name is Miss Sarah
Hallie: Yes, Miss Sarah!

Note: Miss Sarah is a Senior in High School and is an amazing, talented competitive figure skater. And yes, that girl can stop really good!

Me: What did you use to help you?
Hallie: The walker thing.

This is the "walker thing." They are great to help little ones learn to skate.

Me: Did you like using the Walker?
Hallie: A little, but I knew I needed to do it by myself. 

Hallie: I want to go Skating with Daddy. 
Me: Do you think Daddy is good at Ice Skating?
Hallie: Ya
Me: Why?
Hallie: Because he has lots of practice

Note: Her daddy is a very good ice skater....benefits from being a "Blader" a.k.a. Rollerblader, in high school.

Does anyone else remember the whole early 90's obsession with rollerblading? Do people still "blade"?
OK onto the rest of the interview....{Squirrel!!!!} Name that movie.

Me: Did you get better the more you practiced?
Hallie: I think so, Teacher said "you don't need that walker anymore."

Me: Did you like skating without the walker?
Hallie: Ya, even tho I still fell down, I had to be tough.
Me: You were pretty tough.
Hallie: Ya, that is the reason
Me: What reason?
Hallie: The reason I'm good.
Me: Oh, because your tough, your it.

After two lessons with the walker Hallie was doing this.....

Me: Did you get cold?
Hallie: No, just because I had a coat on. I did fall down on the ice and it was cold. My legs got cold. I don't like the cold I like to stay warm.
Me: Agreed!  

I did go out on the ice and skate with Hallie and had a blast. I haven't Skated in at least 12 years, but it is like riding a bike and you remember how to do it almost immediately.
This photo is the only proof I have that I actually went out, as I did not trust myself to take my camera out on the ice and risk a fall with it.

No.......I take such good care of my camera. That is why I dropped it down the stairs on Saturday.

Argggg. That's all I'm going to say.

More to come of pre-dropped photos from last weekend.

Have a blessed rest of the week!


V. Furnas said...

That is so cool. I didn't know they used those walkers. I don't think I would still go onto the ice with the walker. Great job Hallie!

Anonymous said...

Those walkers are the best thing ever to get kids confident on the ice. Good for Hallie for venturing out on her own.

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