Sunday, March 13, 2011

Family Fun

As promised I have pictures from our adventures last weekend. And since I happened to be subjected to some really horrible lighting while photographing these adventures, I thought this would be a great post to show you the difference between pictures that are taken in Manual verses full AUTO mode.

 We decided last weekend to drive to Rapid City, SD to do some much needing shopping and family time. {love how I mentioned "much needed"}
Hunny has been working some major overtime hours on top of our other commitments of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, so all of his "girls" have been missing their man fiercely.

 After shopping all day we thought we would treat the girls to a place called Flags and Wheels. They specialize in super fast go-carts that you race at something like 50 mph. Not something the girls could do but we knew they had an arcade and bumper cars.  

These are not mug shots......"Scouts Honor."

 You will notice the quality of these photos are rather grainy...this is because I had to use a high ISO to make the photos brighter, instead of using a flash. These are taken with an ISO 1000, the higher the ISO the lower quality or "grainy" the photo will look. 

 The girls are standing at the Bumper Car mark. If you are as tall as the mark you get to drive by yourself. Hallie is very proud of herself as she can drive, Sophie not so much. She didn't quite make the cut, however she could ride with her daddy. Here they are, all smiles and ready to ride!

Lillie was happy to sit on the sideline and bang on the bars. Banging is what she does best right now. She bangs on everything.

Aw....glorious Bumper cars.

This place was a real test for my photography skills. I prefer to shoot in manual mode and 99 percent of my photos are shot in Manual.  This is how I'm able to shoot without a flash and attempt to take a natural looking photo by using all natural light. However, high motion and low light are very tricky to capture for this amature Manual girl. So I switched my camera to Auto.
You will see what I mean when you compare the above photos to the photos below. Above photos are shot in manual in horrible florescent light. Below....full Auto with flash.

Do you see the difference?
I'm not comfortable in shooting a moving object in really poor light so the flash was a must in order to save the memories. 
By the way, didn't it look like they were having a blast? I think that their Daddy had the most fun.

After bumper cars we headed to the arcade. I'm back in Manual as you can see, and they are still kinda grainy.

Ummmmm.......boys beware, this girl can shoot?

For the record the girls were shooting dinosaurs, not people.

Weird...I know!

Just look at her face.
Such concentration, such focus! Sista' was serious about killing some dinosaurs.

All in all, it was a great day of family, and fun...oh and Cold Stone Creamery. The girls were pumped that they were able to have ice cream for dinner, and so was this mama!

I hope I have shed a little light on the difference of Manual and Auto mode. I do encourage you to try it, especially if you have a DLSR camera. I dare you.... adjust your camera out of the auto settings. I personally have so much to learn, so much to practice, but I'm glad I'm doing it. I love looking back and seeing progress. 

Blessings to you on the start of a new week!



V. Furnas said...

Man that is a good day! I love that expression on the last picture. Little Momma is in the zone.

Melissa said...

I totally understand, there is sooo much to learn yet so fun! I'm thankful you've encouraged me, and I am so loving it! But ya know what? I didn't take out my camera once this week-end! That's a first in a long time!
This place you were at looks like lots a fun! I think your pictures turned out great! Have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

What fun! That last picture is awesome. So is Lillie's coat! I just got a DSLR a few weeks ago, and I shoot on any of the various preprogrammed setting (not AUTO) but I am terrified to put it on full manual because I have no idea what I am doing! Perhaps I will try...

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