Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lazy Dayz.........

Doesn't this baby look offended?

It's as if she is saying....
"Come on, not another picture."

Maybe she wanted me to wipe her face first?

You know how girls are...we want to make sure our makeup is on, you are taking our good side and we must suck it in before you snap that document that will freeze us forever.

Speaking of freezing forever.....does anyone know of a vaccine that freezes children from growing? I need it STAT!
Lillie found my pile of clean towels waiting to be folded.....maybe waiting a little too long.

I'm ready to freeze her now.

I have I told you how much I love 4 year olds....*sigh* this one just makes me melt. Yes, those are chop sticks and yes she is still in the drum phase.

See what I mean oh....4 that is my favorite age so far.

And because I'm trying to keep my kid's faces from showing up on a billboard in some third world country....you will notice the watermark on the photos. Bear with me, I'm still trying to figure it out, but we should be up and running smooth soon.



 She still thinks I know best and I know it all.
She asked today "What is Space, and where is at?" I told her it is the area all the planets and stars hang in. She asked how and I said I didn't know, God designed it that way.... and she was perplexed that I didn't have a better answer for her. Sorry baby, I do not know it all.

But I will remind you that you use to think I did when you are 14.



Anonymous said...

What sweet little girls. My baby (20 mos.) has been taking all of the ramekins out of the cupboard and arranging them, or putting snacks (cereal, crackers) in them and passing them out. I love that age.

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