Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gallery Wall....

I have been very busy the last week and I have some photos to prove it.

I also have a basement that was full of water...and a wreck of a house to prove it.

 I will choose not to prove it to you and spare you the gory photos....(:

If you have been following me for a while than you would remember this post that I shared in January. I created a list of home goals for 2011 and I would have to say, a very wet spring has allowed me to accomplish quite a few of those items.

I have been frothing-at-the-mouth (that is a prairie term for "Dying-to" but I don't like to use the word Die) to get my living room decorated. This was a photo I posted in January...

 Note the TV and the Make-believe book shelves in black....

Well being a woman, and one that likes to change her mind, I have, changed my mind.

I moved the TV to another side of the living room and decided to put the couch on this wall instead. 

So, with a B.I.G. empty space above the couch I wanted to create a funky, but meaningful-to-me gallery wall.....So with the help of my lovely assistant and artsy sister-in-law we came up with this.....

And one up close....

Note, the cute little girl playing on my iPhone in the mirror

I'm really into monograms right now and since my first and last name begin with an A, I have them all over. I also have a monogram for every person in my family. I used the $7.00 frame that I found on my Birthday Get-A-Way and inside I placed our engagement photo. My grandparents wedding photo from 1953(one of my cousins will correct me if I'm wrong) and a picture of my girls and their feet. The black and white baby photos are all three of my girls at 3 weeks exactly, and a few other photos that I've taken. Oh, and the Marriage Creed given to us by my Hunny's grandparents as a wedding gift. 
I love how it turned out and I really like how this wall needed more than just the TV on it.

You will also notice that I finally purchased the bookshelves that I wanted. After searching craigslist and all kinds of online stores I found my bookcases at CSN Stores online. 
Shout out to Melissa at Storytime, this is what your CSN giveaway went toward.
 A big thank you to Miss Melissa for that!(Woot! Woot!)

Oh, and one more thing I'm working on and would love to finish painting if it would ever stop raining and creep above 60 degrees.....

Praying for this by the way....

Something I pulled out of my Grandma's barn.....

 I have had my Hunny's fixing trim and drawers, and I'm almost finished with this, just one more coat to go and I can show you...I can't wait to post the end result.....<3

Blessings this week!


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